Just something to accompany you on a gloomy Monday morning.

Been in love with this song from the very first time that I heard it. 

'will you let me float away?'


Spent my whole birthday weekend on buffet-esque meals, good laughs, candid shots, reunions and great company. 

No one told me that turning 20 was going to be as overwhelming as it was, but if saying goodbye to teen years would just mean bringing me closer to many more great people and having this much fun then, cheers to this year and to the years to come!

Woke up to this song and it’s pretty much calming me down despite all the things that I still have to study today. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Perfectly reflects today’s vibe. 


I’ve been taking a lot of photos using my phone, and I’m starting to love how handy its becoming. Moving on, here are some shots of what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. Everything’s been pretty steady and I hope this kind of schedule continues.



(photo credits: http://weheartit.com/entry/31923452)

So, I’m turning 20 in a few days and it being a milestone for me…I decided to make a mini bucket list to fulfill this year. I really aim to complete this checklist and I hope that all the circumstances may fall into place and allow me to achieve them. 

[] An afternoon dedicated to painting- oil, acrylic, watercolor, a couple of brushes, a big canvas and good company. 

[] Attend Cinemalaya.

[] Go to a firing range.

[] Watch a concert - Nicki Minaj, Snow Patrol, Maroon 5/ The Cab or The Fray, whew. Money, come to me please? HAHA 

[] Learn how to bake bread. 

[] Teach my dad and my brother how to bake.

[✔] Take 20 polaroids with 20 people on my 20th (suchacoolkidiam, HAHAHA jokes)

[] Watch a UAAP game LIVE (god, am i the lamest or what -_-)

[] Paint my bedroom walls. 

[✔] Get back to writing (and maybe, share it with the world)

[] Send a letter to my NSTP tutee. 

[] Learn how to skateboard properly. 

[] Buy a bike.

[] Bike around Tagaytay. 

[✔] Get involved in a photo shoot.

[] Try baseball. 

[] Retire my iPod, and get a new one. 

[] Get back to playing the piano. 

[] Try getting a body scrub. 

[] Send more snail mails. 

This year’s starting to look up, and I can’t wait. 

Looking forward to the people who will also become part of this! 


"Lumipas ay nagbabalik pala"

Despite being sandwiched in between strangers and getting stepped on by some girl who did not know how to position herself in a crowd (given the fact that she was in killer pumps), I am still genuinely happy that I finally caught Up Dharma Down performing live in Route 196. Thoroughly amazed as well with how a crowd of a hundred people were willing to squeeze in a bar that would comfortably fit fifty people just to catch a glimpse and sing along to this band. 

They sounded beautiful, that’s all I have to say. 

Oh and Armi Millare, you are a goddess. 

PS. Photos are just from my phone, so the quality’s pretty bad -_- Please bear with it hehe

The World As I See It

One of my closest friends gave me a disposable film camera for last year’s secret valentine and after having it live on my shelf for over a year,  I finally found the time to use it. Took some shots during the most random moments with whatever face we had on, but the best part was not knowing how the photos would turn out. 

Absolutely adored the 90s vibe of the photos and because I loved it so much, I did zero edits.

Sometimes, having things left as they are leaves them looking their best. 


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