Been doing some pondering for the betterment of things, I hope. I really do. 

In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody I knew before long, long, long ago.
But, I’m still trying to make my mind up, am I free or am I tied up? 

The Break That Was (Late Edition)

This is a delayed post about how I spent the last weekend of my (last) sem break (ever) last November. Basically, we diverted from the annual trip out of the country to stay in the comforts of our humble abode in Fort A. Tagaytay bound, we found ourselves stopping over the nearby market. 



Everyone went to look for things they wanted and guess what, I did too. I found exactly what I wanted- sunflowers. 


The much-awaited weekend getaway was kick started with a homemade al fresco breakfast by the garden. 



At around 10, we found ourselves setting up our tatami mats by the grass near to where Lolo Doy was. He was, then, having a taste of his daily news and his morning coffee.



If only we could, we never would have gotten up. 

While we had our own world, Dad had his- grilling, preparing lunch and making submarine sandwiches for the mini clan 3/4 of the weekend.




Mom and the not-so-little brother, too, had their own thing going on. They went about adventuring the area on foot and on our neighbor’s bike.



Before the weekend ended, my dad planted my sunflowers and I swear at that moment, I was probably the happiest kid in the planet (hahaha).




It was definitely one of those comforting weekends, and I cannot wait for the next one.

Christmas is in 3 days, hihi 
Happy Holidays, everyone :-)

Ending my Sunday night with some thesis transcriptions, philo + visual arts homework and some Little Dragon.

You are airborne 
You’ve got silver rays
Will it ever float, will it ever soar along?

A semester in coffee shops.

Spent a good amount of time discovering and staying in different coffee shops during the past semester- studying, org meetings, book dates and some catch-ups in between. Looking forward to more days spent waiting on free tables (by the sockets), ‘for here’ coffee mugs, ambient lighting and the usual grande drink. 

Three more days until the last semester of my college life, whew! 


Rainy Days: A playlist (of some sort)


This is the product of being under semi-house arrest due to an unwanted fever that came at the wrong time last August. Enjoy!

1. Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) by Banks 

2. Die Young (Ke$ha cover) by Gallant

3. I Can’t Make You Love Me/ Nick Of Time by Bon Iver

4. We Were Lovers by The Analog Affair

5. Here Now by Carousel


Note to self: One more week, keep calm 

(ps. can’t wait to spend the last sem break of my college life with my favorites x)

(source: https://www.facebook.com/Bondax)

Definitely one of my favorite English duos, who never fail to surprise me with the sounds that they come up with. 

This, for one, is my favorite (of all their songs). 

And up until now, I cannot believe that they are younger than I am. Such amazing talent! 

paper hearts were meant to unfold.


The One Where We Take Over Bea’s Blog

Today is the day we are blognapping our favorite social butterfly/busy bee(a)’s Tumblr.

So hello!! We are Bea’s(AMAZING) college friends. Laughing and crying buddies. Daughters. 24/7 confidantes, etc. And we are here to share 21 of the most random things you might not know about THE Bianca Antonio, hoping that you’ll enjoy knowing some of her little quirks.

Also because it’s her birthday today, greet her in any language you want (English/Chinese/Tagalong preferred)!

1. We don’t even know how she’s able to hang out with us a lot of times while juggling her duties as psychology student, DWTL core member, CoSA PR x Events AVP, AJMA dancer, all-around social butterfly, part-time photographer/baker/yogini, and full time sister and daughter. See what we mean by busy bee(a)?

 2. She is a rabbit. She LOVES eating vegetables and gets excited when she sees big bottles of soy milk (think of how you’ll react when you see a cute baby pass by—that’s how she is with soy milk). She might just be the favorite of parents and grandparents because she loves her greens.


3. She is also a fruit vendor. She brings this big Lock & Lock lunchbox in school to give us her apples, oranges, and grapes. Sometimes oranges pop out of our bags when we lack a little Vitamin C. We know it’s from her.

4. You know how she loves seeing her friends from afar because she runs like a penguin (i.e. via tiny excited steps) to greet them. (Thanks Gacs for this observation!) 

5. She’s one of those ICA girls (hehe) who pronounces ‘nito’ as ‘nee-to’: “Ang cute nee-to!” She also speaks in weird past tense Taglish: “ni-send na sakin.”

6. A lot of her expensive-looking clothes are bought from the department store. Her style makes an SM Department Store printed silk shorts look like they’re from the summer collection of a Missoni label.

7. She knows EVERY line from Mean Girls (but then we all do, too)… but she has the best impersonation of Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect, in which she knows all the lines as well. 

8. Probably the only person who adores anything zombie-related (aka The Walking Dead series, Resident Evil series, and World War Z), but is afraid of clowns and mascots. She would rather see bloodsucking dead people than Ronald McDonald and Jollibee in person.  (Noting this for the next party we plan for her—it must have zombies for mascots).

9. There will always be a little plant of some sort in every corner of her house. Got her green thumb and love of anything nature from her Daddy. Oh, and her favorite word is foliage. We get it, Bea. You love leaves!

10. She can be a minimalist when it comes to wearing tops. You would mostly see her in a spaghetti strap in school or a sheer top with a mini bandeau inside. We are definitely sure she’s showing off her sexy back. ;)


11. She has a weird manner of flicking her brush whenever she applies make-up on her face. She is also a self-taught make-up artist (just kidding, she watches video tutorials on YouTube hehe).

12. You know those pictures of pretty minimalist rooms on Pinterest that we all want to have? She lives in one of those. And her Pinteresty room is not only pretty but it’s pretty comfy too! Perfect for our girly sleepovers!


13. She is Little Miss Memories. She likes to document everything that happens to her—whether it be COCOLing at Starbucks with the girls, QOTDs, etc. Her rainbow of a planner is proof of this; it’s like seeing a day-to-day summary of her life in doodles.   


14. This girl has a habit of shortening every possible word or phrase you can imagine. We probably share this I’m-Lazy-So-I’m-Shortening-Words Syndrome with her and a typical conversation would look like this (and not just through text message):

B: Lunch lates?

Us: K wru

B: Ceebs (CBTL)

Us: Wanna teao toms (Teaology)

Or like this:

B: I’m excited for the discush (discussion) tomorrow! #eagerbeavs (beaver…)

15. Typical expressions for us would be “Oh sh*t!” or “OMG” or anything you would have to filter when talking to a kid, but Bea has a signature “WHATTACUTES!” Always. You would also see her really express emotions on Twitter when she types in all-caps. It’s like you’ll hear her screaming in front of the laptop while typing a tweet.   



16. She is what you would call a certified Artsy Fartsy and you would only have to look at her Tumblr-worthy notebook covers and cut-out everything (from collages to shirts, etc.) Aside from this blog of hers, of course!


17. Her taste in music is a mix of pop/indie/dance/alternative, but one thing’s for sure: she loves all songs with tambourine sounds.

18. This girl with the close-up smile also has the contagious laugh to match. She’s that girl who turns heads whenever her laughter lights up the room. Yup, that’s how loud it is. But as a friend, Bea doesn’t just laugh her heart out to things that make her happy but she will laugh with you through anything.

19. She also cries (unexpectedly). Especially while watching wedding videos/reading a John Green book/listening to her favorite songs (which is forgivable, because they are mostly Switchfoot, The Fray, and Coldplay songs). Whattacutes hopeless romantic. <3

20. This girl invented Post-Its. Once in a while she would leave little love notes using her personalized memo pad on our planners, readings, rooms, snacks and all the other possible places where you could stick a little message using washi tape. From simple “Good luck with finals!” to “Happy Valentine’s!” to long and unexpected personal letters, her notes don’t fail to make our day.


21. Bea is our second momma. We fight to be her favorite daughters.  From bringing us baon to constantly reassuring us, to being a good stage mother, and to putting her friends first, Bea is one stone fox of a mother we’re so lucky to have. 

imageThese 21 things are only the tip of the iceberg of who Bea is. They’re not even close to half of the never-ending reasons to love her.

Happiest birthday to one of the most amazing people we have met in our lives. Hoping your adulthood would only be at least as exciting as your life right now.

We love you!

- A, A, A, J. 

PS Sorry for hacking your blog. :)   

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